Cole Sonafrank's mosaic links updated
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Cole Sonafrank's mosaic links updated

Cole Sonafrank's Links to Mosaic Forums, Resources & Studios
The granddaddy of mosaic and stained glass web site lists, but that's not all - there's also very detailed information on mortars and concretes for the mosaic maker. Explore the site, as there's more than first meets the eye. Unfortunately, it's fair to say that fewer than half the mosaic links are actually working... To spare you the heartache, here is a list of just those links from Cole's page that I found active in late-2006:

Amy R. Handford/Cummings's Through The Looking Glass

Elizabeth Moore's Mosaic Originals

Helen Beck's Sailor's Valentines And Other Sea Shell Mosaics

INLAY.COM, A public forum on inlay, marquetry, intarsia, and mosaics.

The Alacami Excavation

Wall Mosaics of the Cathedral of Eufrasius at Porec

Seamus Browne's Converting Computer Images to Mosaics

Michael Grant Solomon's Refelctive Art, glass mosaics


Toby Mason: Reflective Glass Mosaics

Alan Potter, Public Artist

Marla Loturco's Creations - Art Glass Fountains

Artistry in Mosaics, Inc.

Mosaics by Bobbie Trewhitt


The Association for the Study and Preservation of Roman Mosaics

Gazzola Tile & Wallcovering Inc.

A. & P. Berti's Artistic Florentine Mosaics in semiprecious stones


Alfonso Filippini & Vittorio Paoletti - Florentine Byzantine Mosaics

The Dream Gallery's mosaics

Elysian Holidays' mosaic masterclass course

Géza Brunow's Fine Art Factory

Finn's Stained Glass Mosaics

Judy Wood's Glasswood Studio: animals in mosaics

Lia Catalano's Hannacrois Mosaics

David Hetland's Studio

John Bridge Services

Cindy & Bob Kessler Studios Stained Glass & Mosaics

Craig Tockman's Manzella Mosaics

Santo Navarria's Mosaic Art Work

Bruno Zenobio's Mosaici (Mosaic Italia)

Akomena Spazio Mosaico, Ravenna Italy

Marco Bravura, Ravenna Italy (An awesome floating carpet fountain)

Brunetta Zavatti's Shop of Mosaics, Ravenna Italy

Mosaic Studio, Saint-Mard, France

Sonia King's WhateverWerks Mosaic Studio

Mosaic Workshop, London

Mozaic Designs

The Mosaic Art of Roy Cruz

Stacy Godlesky's Piece By Peace Mosaics

Pyrrha's (Ann Dicks') Roman Pages

Rinascita Virtual Bookshop, Ravenna Italy

Mosaic Art Studio, Ravenna Italy (offers one week courses)

Sheilagh Fulton's Smashing Times

Vic Jorgensen's Mosaics

Doug Mckee's

Tiles on the Web

Tunisian Mosaics

Unicorn Art Studio

Bonnie Carmody Stained Glass Mosaics

Zee's Stained Glass (Maker of EZee-Stone mortar)

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