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Mosaics and mosaic making information from The joy of shards Mosaics Resource

Virtual visits to mosaics in the UK, Spain, Italy and France

Use this guide to visit some varied, spectacular and inspirational examples of mosaic and tile art... There are over 1500 pictures to browse through.

Christ's face in mosaic Mosaics in Sicily Sicily is mosaic heaven and there are 650 photos here to guide you through the highlights.

lizard head Mosaics in Barcelona Three galleries of the work of Antoni Gaudì and his collaborator, Josep Maria Jujol, with several other mosaics by other artists in Barcelona, including Miro.

movie mosaicMosaics in London These galleries include pictures of the Alfred Hitchcock mosaics at Leytonstone; Westminster Cathedral; and Tottenham Court Road tube station.

maison picassietteLa Maison Picassiette A tour of the house covered in broken crockery that gave its name to a mosaic style.

Mosaic garden near Chartres One woman's vision has led to a stunning transformation of a courtyard and garden.

tarot garden Tarot Garden, Italy Niki de Saint Phalle's unbelievable combination of sculpture, architecture and mosaic art. A guided tour, with three galleries of photos.

The Baptistery, Florence Byzantine religious imagery and an inlaid marble floor.

guilloche Mosaics and tiles in Edinburgh

A road trip to the south of England Includes medieval tiles, pebble mosaics and Roman examples.

Tiles in York Features Victorian geometric pavements and Gothic revival tiles

Some mosaics and tiles in Devon and Cornwall

norwich mosaic Norwich mosaics A survey of mosaics and tile features in this city in the east of the UK.

Mosaics in Cambridge

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