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The Albert Memorial, London

The Albert Memorial is on the south edge of Kensington Gardens, opposite the Royal Albert Hall. It was commissioned by Queen Victoria after her consort, Prince Albert, died in 1861. Money also came from the public " a tribute of their gratitude for a life devoted to the public good."

There are glass mosaics on each of the four sides of the memorial and also on the ceiling of the dome over the statue of Prince Albert. The design for the mosaics was by John Clayton (of Clayton and Bell, more famous for stained glass) and the work was carried out by Salviati of Murano.

In 1999 an eight year programme of repair, costing around 10 million pounds, was completed. The mosaics had become extensively damaged, and this part of the renovation was done by Trevor Caley Associates.

Albert Memorial mosaic

Albert Memorial

albert memorial Albert Memorial mosaic

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