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mosaic panel

To celebrate the Millenium, a class of mosaic makers at Redbridge Institute of Adult Education decided to install two large scale mosaics in the cafe area of the Institute. Working with their tutor, Liz de Ath, they designed first a panel of spheres within spheres, on cosmic themes. This was executed in vitreous, stained and mirror glass, glass nuggets and custom made ceramics. A larger, T-shaped panel on the outer wall of the seating area, features a gateway to a "stream of life". Above this are famous buildings from around the world, including the Millenium Dome and one of Gaudi's chimney's in Barcelona. The buildings are in relief, shaped from chicken wire, scrim and cement. The materials used are similar to those of the first panel, with the addition of cinca tiles and broken crockery. The mosaics were unveiled in May 2000, the culmination of 18 months' work.

Text with acknowlegdements to an article by Lubna Ul-Hasan in "Grout", the newsletter of the British Association for Modern Mosaics, June 2002.

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