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Surrey House is a working office building. There is public access to the front part of the hall, but the stairs and balcony area (shown in this photo gallery) are not open to the general public. If in any doubt, please ask at the reception desk. I'm very grateful to Norwich Union for permission to feature Surrey House on these pages. For further information about access to Surrey House please contact Sheree Leeds - email

For more on the history of Norwich Union, see the Education section of the Aviva website

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Surrey House Gallery One

cippollino marble panel
Cipollino marble panels

Norwich Union staircase
the staircase

marble panelling
floor design

marble corridor Norwich Union

marble floor design
inlaid floor design

alabaster winged lion
alabaster lion

beligum blue marble
Belgium Blue marble

marble pavement design
floor design

Surrey House exterior

Surrey House
Gallery One


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