Roman mosaics at The <joy of shards> Mosaics Resource
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Mosaics and mosaic making information from The joy of shards Mosaics Resource

Roman mosaics at The Joy of Shards Mosaics Resource

This is a list of the pages where you can find pictures and information about Roman mosaics on this site. It also includes reproductions of original mosaics, or modern ones directly inspired by Roman designs:

Roman knot mosaic Read about the history of mosaic art

Roman mosaics in Winchester City museum

Important Roman mosaics in Dorset County Museum

A mosaic in the Roman town house, Dorchester

roman mosaic Roman mosaics and Roman-inspired modern ones in Canterbury

A hypocaust floor mosaic at Verulamium (St Albans)

A Victorian copy of a Roman mosaic pavement in Swanage

A project to make a Roman guilloche design mosaic

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