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A selection of other tile features in York

On the right is one of the two Pizza Hut restaurants in York which have the company's distinctive tile mosaic.

tiled floor

On the left is the floor of a cafe/bar near the Guildhall.

Nearby is the "pseudo mosaic" doorway shown below. It is made up of interlocking tiles which have been designed to look like a mosaic of much smaller pieces. Because the imitation tesserae are raised, they have worn down where they get most traffic. The smaller photo shows the shape of the individual tiles.


pizza tile mosaic

The building below left is the Law Courts on Clifford Street. It looks to have a very nice tiled fireplace, and also a floor mosaic with the city's coat of arms, which has been shamelessly dug into to install a metal detector.

courts pseudo mosaic tile
pseudo mosaic tile detail


Detail of a pseudo mosaic tile, with the interlocking shape of the tile outlined. For another pseudo mosaic tile (in Norwich) click here

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