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Casa Mila, La Pedrera Casa Mila was built between 1906 and 1910 (around the midpoint of construction of the Parc Guell). It was a deeply controversial building. Its rippled stone facade and harsh wrought iron balconies earned it the nickname "La Pedrera" - the quarry or rockface. The roof terrace is extraordinary, with its sculptural decoration of the stair entrances, ventilation shafts and chimneys. Each of the stair entrances is different - compare this one on the left with the ones in the following two pictures. The emphasis is on form, rather than colour, and the mosaic is plain marble tiling. Jujol worked closely with Gaudì on this building, but there is none of the polychrome mosaic he developed for the Guell Park (they did go to town on the interior design though).

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