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The Royal Arcade was opened in 1899 and was built by George Skipper, who was also the architect of Surrey House and Cromer's Hotel de Paris. There aren't any actual mosaics here, strictly speaking, but this masterpiece of late Victorian design has "opus sectile" stained glass and splendid Doulton tiles, amongst other features. The window over the western entrance consists of shaped pieces of coloured glass (rather than painted glass) and so is very much like a mosaic.

Norwich Royal Arcade stained glass

Detail of a bird from the stained glass panel.

Norwich Royal Arcade stained glass

terrazzo design

This motif in terrazzo stone pavement runs through the arcade. Although it is in keeping, it is not the original floor.

The art nouveau tiles were designed by WJ Neatby, who also produced the tiles for Harrod's Food Hall and the Everard Building in Bristol (which has a number of similarities to the Royal Arcade). They were manufactured by Doulton.

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victorian tiles

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