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The Plantation Garden on Earlham Road is only a quarter of a mile from Norwich city centre. This varied and idiosyncratic garden was established 140 years ago in a 3 acre abandoned chalk quarry. A visit is highly recommended. The highlight for mosaic fans is the way in which various bits of salvaged masonry were montaged together in the walls, fountain and Italianate stairs. The effect is a mosaic-like collage of architectural ceramics running right through the garden.

plantation garden Norwich

plantation garden Norwich
masonry collage mosaic

There is a sense of fun here - for example in the way this dog's head design has been used to create a figure, the body suggested by a few pieces of less distinctive masonry. These items were being manufactured at the time to meet a Victorian taste for Gothic revival. Clearly there was no intention here of taking this homage to the medieval too seriously.

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