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This is a charming and unexpected mosaic, tucked away in a courtyard on the south side of Colegate, near Magdalen Street. (Click here for a map). It is at the entrance to the offices of the Broads Authority, so the wildlife theme is very appropriate. The series of pictures show an egg, a caterpillar and a pupa (the case where the caterpillar changes into a butterfly) and the adult butterfly. The mosaics are made of broken tiles set into the floor, surrounded by a pattern of bricks. They were made by pupils from Harford Manor School in Norwich, under the direction of artist Beatrice Hoffman about ten years ago. The school's web site shows another mosaic made by pupils.

butterfly egg mosaic
butterfly egg


caterpillar mosaic

pupa mosaic

butterfly pupa

butterfly mosaic

butterfly mosaic detail

detail of the butterfly's wing






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