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Chartres rose window

Chartres Cathedral's famous rose windows are represented in several places around La Maison Picassiette, but this, on the wall behind the summerhouse, is the largest. It is not a simple copy, however. Perhaps on this scale and at close quarters, the 12-point symmetry of the windows was not intricate enough. This version has 16-point symmetry. (The one on the floor of the courtyard outside the house has 32-point.)

A little further on is the "wall of Jerusalem", which mirrors the "wall of Chartres" in the black courtyard. There is again a concrete chair on a raised area with small steps to it. Behind this is a panorama of the Holy City topped by a small cross.

Below Jerusalem are pictures of famous buildings - the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Colossseum in Rome, amongst others - all in very fine detail.

the Jerusalem wall

the Jerusalem wall



Through an archway to the side of the wall is a large madonna within an eight-pointed star. The picture has been created with white and floral china, and dark glass. The reconstructed circle motif appears here again too.

Behind the wall Isidore built a small enclosed shrine known as the "Spirit's Tomb", which is mainly blue in colour. Beyond that a gateway leads past a small, undecorated outbuilding and brings you to the front of the house.

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