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broken plate

You have to go to La Maison Picassiette. You have to sit a while in the garden (although it's a struggle to find shade). You have watch the lizards running up and down the waves of the corrugated roof of the summer house and garden porch, as they have been doing since the cement was drying 50 years ago. At that time the garden had to work for a living. There would have been vegetables, chickens and rabbits for the pot. Maybe this is why the garden is not as intensely decorated as most of the rest of the house. There are statues, including a model of the Eiffel Tower, decorations such as this broken crockery that has been re-formed into a plate, a wayside shrine and a painting/mosaic of a married couple.

However, continuing round to the left, there is much more in store...

(the wall of Jerusalem)


picassiette garden

mosaic statue


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