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Grout colour simulator

The colour of grout you decide on can have a major effect on the final appearance of your mosaic. Generally, you want your tessarae to stand out in contrast to the grout. For this reason, a wise choice is usually a bland one, for example, a mid-grey. After all, you didn't spend all that time selecting, cutting and placing tessarae for them to be overshadowed by the backgound colour. Two factors to consider are the width of your grout joints compared to the size of your tessarae, and the range of colours and tones in your work. The wider the joints, the more the grout will tend to dominate. The greater the range, the more chance that some parts of your mosaic will fade into the background. This page lets you experiment with a selection of twenty different grout colours applied to a range of examples. Read more about grouting here

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Choose your grout colour here:

mosaic grout color simulation

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