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Palatine Chapel (Cappella Palatina), Palermo, Sicily

The Palatine Chapel (or Cappella Palatina) is part of the Palazzo dei Normanni (or Palazzo Reale) in Palermo. It was the private chapel of Roger II, who also built Cefalý cathedral. The stunning mosaics include scenes from the Old Testament of the Bible, events from the lives of Saints Peter and Paul, and other saints. Unfortunately the central image of Christ over the altar, and other mosaics in the apse were hidden behind scaffolding and sheeting on this visit, on account of restoration work. There is also extensive cosmati flooring and geometric inlay. The wall outside the chapel in covered in 19th century mosaics, in fascinating contrast to the Byzantine examples inside. The artists responsible for the chapels mosaics are thought to be the same that created those at La Martorana. Many of the biblical scenes in the Palatine Chapel are also featured at Monreale.There are 80 photos of the mosaics here. You can:

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