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Cefalý Cathedral, Sicily

Cefalý lies on the north coast of Sicily, about 50 miles (80km) east of Palermo. It still has many of its medieval buildings, including the cathedral (duomo). The cathedral was built in Moorish architectural style in 1131 by the first Sicilian Norman King, Roger II. The installation of the mosaics began a 50-year golden age of mosaic art on the island. Roger also built the Palatine Chapel in Palermo, and one of Roger's admirals later built La Martorana. The cathedral at Monreale was the last in this sequence. The mosaics of Cefalý are confined to the apse, and show a figure of Christ Pantocrator in Byzantine style, the Madonna and child, saints, apostles and angels. There is evidence of later Baroque additions in the chapel to the side, with its heavy marble decoration. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures or browse pages.

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