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Roman mosaics in Canterbury

Canterbury Roman Museum is in Butchery Lane (in the Longmarket), and the museum is built around the Roman mosaics discovered there. The ground level was lower in Roman times than today, so to visit the mosaics you have to go down into the basement. The three mosaics are decorative, geometric ones. The first two pictures below show a rosette (bordered by diamonds and guilloche) and a lozenge design with three-stranded guilloche.

Roamn floor mosaic

Roamn lozenge mosaic

3 mosaics in situ


other mosaics in Canterbury

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The third mosaic also has a lozenge design and is shown here with the other two in the background. Over the centuries the ground has subsided and buckled, so that the mosaics are no longer flat.

The museum also displays a mosaic with a jug design (below), found nearby in Burgate.

roman jug mosaic

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