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The site of the Roman mosaic workshop at Caistor St Edmund Roman Town

Caister Roman Town site

Caistor St Edmund Roman Town, or Venta Icenorum, is just 5 km (3 miles) to the south of Norwich, Norfolk. It was the regional capital for the Roman Britain and served the surrounding area for trade, religious worship and entertainments.

It is unusual in that it did not go on to become a modern-day town or city, as did most Roman towns. There is little to see now of the Roman settlement apart from the defensive walls. The arrangements of the street pattern were only fully appreciated when arial photography of the site began in 1928. Caistor Roman Town has not been fully excavated - no doubt there are undiscovered mosaics waiting under these green fields!

Roman walls at Venta Icenorum

There are paths around the perimeter of the town. The steps in the photo cross one of Caistor's massive defensive walls.

The site is owned by the Norfolk Archaeological Trust, and managed by South Norfolk Council A map and online tour can be found here

caister church
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