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Roman mosaics in Dorchester

These photos, taken at Dorset County Museum are shown by kind permission and may not be reproduced elsewhere.

mosaic floor

The Fordington High Street mosaic consists of a rectangular area of very fine decorative mosaic and a semicircular area featuring a sea god.

This mosaic has the reputation of having brought about the death of the novelist Thomas Hardy . It was discovered in 1927, and Hardy left his sick bed to see the excavation. He lived only three months more. To many people this might seem reckless, but I think you can see why he would have wanted to make the effort!

details of decorative section


The sea god, possibly Neptune, flanked by fishes. Details of the fishes are shown below.

sea god mosaic

fish mosaic



sea god mosaic

sea god mosaic (2)

Durngate Street mosaic

Olga Road mosaic

the Roman townhouse, Dorchester

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fish mosaic

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