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The large rectangular decorative part of the Fordington High Street mosaic is based on nine circular areas bordered by guilloche. The use of colour is particularly interesting. A range of red and orange colours has been used in combination, giving a richness which can be seen in the details below. These colours would have been produced by using tesserae made from brick and terracotta as well as local stone.

These photos, taken at Dorset County Museum are shown by kind permission and may not be reproduced elsewhere.

decorative mosaic

mosaic rosette


The outer ring of this design has curved red bands running across it. Together with having lighter bands sandwiched by darker ones, this gives the illusion that the ring is doughnut-shaped rather than flat.



More detail from the Fordington High Street mosaic. In the picture below, the way the rows of tesserae are curved again gives a three dimensional appearance to the heart shape.

mosaic rosette

heart mosaic



sea god mosaic

sea god mosaic (2)

Durngate Street mosaic

Olga Road mosaic

the Roman townhouse, Dorchester

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