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Mosaics and mosaic making information from The joy of shards Mosaics Resource

This is a list of mosaic and tile artists whose public work is featured on this site. The links will take you to pictures of the work and more information, with links to artists' web sites. Some artists are featured in several different areas of the site - try using the "Search" page to find more examples of their work.

Boris Anrep

Emma Biggs

Francis Scott Bradford

Trevor Caley

Martin Cheek

Zoe Coles

Gary Drostle

Nuala Flynn

Free Form

Antoni Gaudi

Greenwich Mural Workshop

Christopher Hobbs

Maggy Howarth

Tessa Hunkin


Neil Irons

Raymond Isidore

Josep Jujol

Michael Leigh

Sarah McCormack

Joan Miro

Jane Muir

Gabrielle Naptali

Eduardo Paolozzi

Niki de Saint Phalle

Melanie Strank

Rob Turner

G F Watts

Trudi Lloyd-Williams

Justin Vulliamy

Catherine Yass

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